Our Visit to a Multicultural Church Service

Gibson Heights Presbyterian ChurchThis morning my husband and I visited a local church that my family invited us to. They were musical guests as part of a multicultural service where a few other churches came together. Gibson Heights Second Presbyterian Church was a beautiful church tucked away down a side street mixed with suburban houses. The day was lovely, too, as you can see from the pretty blue sky. It was a perfect fall day.

Dad Gram Al singing close upThe service was very nice. My family sang many of the songs. My dad, my uncle Al, my grandma, and my dad’s wife Barb were there representing my family with music. Pastor Bob Offerdahl, the pastor of the former Coitsville Presbyterian Church where my grandparents were members before it closed down, also graced the congregation with music sung in the language of the Dakota Indian. It was truly multicultural and it was moving.

The highlight of the service was Reverend Sidney Byrd, a 94 year old Native American man who came to speak. Reverend Sydney ByrdHe expressed every Christian’s need to share the faith and not just go through the motions. He talked about his choice to become a Christian and how he never regrets it for a day. He was an adorable old man and very passionate about his Christian faith.

I couldn’t get a good photo of him while he was speaking because of where I was sitting, but I did manage to snap one as he was taking his seat after he spoke.

Reverend Byrd apparently came up with lyrics to a sweet song to the tune of “When the Saints Go Marching In” that we all sang. It was such a neat experience to sing in the tongue of the Dakota Indian. Here’s a portion of the song, on the left in Dakota and then in English on the right.

Wakantanka Iyuskin Po!                 Great Spirit God, Rejoice in Him!

Wakantanka Iyuskin Po!                 Great Spirit God, Rejoice in Him!

Lehantu Kin Imakikcu Kte              From This Time Forth He Will Redeem Me

Wakantanka Iyuskin Po!                 Great Spirit God, Rejoice in Him!

We also sang the Presbyterian Doxology and “Jesus Loves Me” in the Dakota language.

After the service and the music, there was food provided. Boy was it good food too! I also found myself taking photos of the sanctuary and other parts of the church. I loved the stained glass and the ceiling of the sanctuary. Check out some of the photos and enjoy the beauty yourself!



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